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Miss Chloe Hindman; Instructor
Ankeny Dance & Performing Arts Academy

 Chloe Hindman
Chloe Hindman has a love of dance and the arts that goes back to when she was only three years old. That's when she first began taking formal dance lessons, and dance has been an integral part of her life ever since! Her dance classes were always a special part of the week for her when she was growing up, and she began performing in formal competitions when she was in 7th grade. Chloe excelled in her dance studies, becoming an Ankeny Dance and Performing Arts Academy Star Dancer when she was in 9th grade, and competed and performed with the academy's top competition group for the next four years. Chloe has performed with the Star Dancers at the Branson Variety Theater, Silver Dollar City, and at the Disneyland Resort's California Adventure Park in Anaheim.
 She loves mentoring young people and has been working since graduation at an area child learning center, with the Ankeny Dance & Performing Arts Academy Performing Arts Preschool, and she teaches several styles of dance courses at the Academy. She enjoys watching her students learn and finds it most rewarding when they take a concept she has taught them and master it. Miss Chloe currently attends DMACC and is majoring in Fashion Design and Merchandising.
 She is thankful for the opportunity to come back to the studio she grew up in to teach and inspire a new generation of dancers to excel, and we know her students are just as excited to have her teaching here with us at Ankeny Dance and Performing Arts Academy as we are!