Give Your Student a Caring, Enthusiastic and Fun Introduction to Dance!

  At Ankeny Dance & Performing Arts Academy, we believe a caring, fun-filled, encouraging environment will help your 3 or 4-year-old Little Star grow in in both dance technique and confidence. For three and four-year-olds, class has to be fun and full of activities to keep a younger student's attention and build their long-term interest in dance and performance. Little Stars students will learn a combination of tap, beginning ballet and creative dance movement in a gentle, supportive  class environment that keeps dance fun!
 Our professional instructors are trained to motivate students and encourage their accomplishments as they introduce correct terminology and technique to give each student a foundation to build upon as they progress in dance. We design our Little Star lesson plans to take students through learning dance fundamentals in organized steps that allow each girl or boy to take pride in their achievements, increasing their confidence and creativity. Little Stars is the perfect program for your little prince or princess to begin a lifelong appreciation and involvement with dance and the arts!