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Performing Arts Preschool at Ankeny Dance & Performing Arts Academy is THE answer to the need for children to develop all facets of their intellect and personalities, especially in the crucial window of growth during a child's pre-school years. Early training in dance, music, and the arts combined together with classic preschool academic training can improve your child's physical, cognitive, and social development and better prepare him or her for a successful school and career path. The benefits of early childhood training in the arts are clear according to studies:


  • It stimulates and develops the imagination and critical thinking, and refines cognitive and creative skills.
  • It Strengthens problem-solving and critical thinking skills, adding to overall academic achievement and school success.
  • It develops a sense of craftsmanship, quality task performance, and goal-setting; skills needed to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Source: Americans for the Arts: 2002



Our Mission: At Ankeny's ONLY Performing Arts Preschool, we strive to give children the opportunity to develop and learn through the arts, creative play, and interaction. We meet the need for an all-encompassing approach to a pre-school education; one which stimulates a student's creativity, innovative skills, and ability to find a successful solution to the intellectual and social challenges they will experience as they grow. It is our pledge to help your child get a firm head-start on a successful education and have fun doing it! We will help build the fundamentals of an appreciation for the arts while giving your student the academic building blocks they need to excel.


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 Contact Ms. Janey today to reserve a space for your student! You can download and check out both our current brochure and our Performing Arts Preschool application form by selecting the following links:


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We are offering classes tailored for 2, 3, 4 and 5-year-olds with our class sizes strictly limited, so reserve your child's spot today!

For more information on how you can reserve your child's place in class, e-mail our Performing Arts Preschool at or call 515-306-8103!


Class Descriptions:


TODDLER TIME:(Children must be 2 by September 15th) Our program for two year-old children is intended to introduce children to the idea of separating from parents and interacting with peers. Your child will have the opportunity to engage in free play, as well as participate in teacher led activities like music, and movement.

3-Year-Old Program: Our 3-year-old program will ease children into the learning environment by using a play-based curriculum combined with their academic learning.  The 3 year old program features group learning, dramatic play, dance, music, and art. 

4 and 5-Year-Old Program: Our program for 4 and 5-year-olds is fine-tuned to fit the creative minds of this developmental stage.  Our time together will consist of learning through group time, creative learning centers, dramatic play, dance, music, and art.  We use the Creative Curriculum for academic preschool studies as well as our Custom Arts Curriculum to provide an engaging and exciting learning environment.


Our Staff:  Ankeny Dance and Performing Arts Preschool is staffed with a state-certified director and teachers who meet the requirements set forth by the Iowa Department of Human Services. We care about your child and the quality of his or her education!


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