Master's Classes at Ankeny Dance & Performing Arts Academy

Beauty and the Beast Cast Member
Teaching at Ankeny Dance & Performing Arts Academy

Broadway comes to Ankeny Dance and Performing Arts Academy every dance season during our Broadway Connection Touring Artist Master's Classes! Meet and greet cast members from visiting Broadway shows as they come to teach some of the dance steps from their productions.

 Ankeny Dance & Performing Arts Academy traveling artists Master's Classes have featured cast members from the touring productions of Beauty and the Beast, West Side Story, Wicked, Lion King, and more! Don't miss the opportunity to find out from artists what it's like to travel with a Broadway Show and also get learn some of the latest and freshest choreography.

 We also bring in professional dancers and artists who perform on television, movies, and shows like So You Think You Can Dance, so come and join the fun and learn from the very best artists in the business! You can check into the guest artists we are bringing in every dance season by calling our studio or leaving a request on our contact us page! Then come and dance with the best in the business at Ankeny Dance & Performing Arts Academy Master's Classes.