Upcoming Scheduled Calendar Dates of Note:


***Thanksgiving Break November 25-29***
No Classes will be held during this time and the office will be closed.  All emails and voicemails will be returned on Monday, December 2nd and classes will resume that day as well.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving -- we are so grateful for all of YOU!! 


Beginning Tuesday, September 3rd, Regular Office Hours will be:
Monday through Thursday 2:30-7:30 PM 
Please use the drop off lane at the sidewalk in front of the studios for quickly dropping off students or quickly picking up a student who is already waiting for you as you pull up. Please, for the safety of all students and student families, do not park at the curb to wait for a student to come out as that causes our dancers to have to walk through the traffic at the curb to arrive or leave. Please pull into a parking stall in the lot and go inside to let your student know you are there. Thank you for your efforts to promote safety for all of our students and families!

You can ENROLL FOR CLASS ... check on your account, make payments, check on enrolled classes and more at our online account site! Simply sign in at the following link:

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For a quick video tutorial on how to activate your account on our account sign in page, you can watch the following Youtube video for directions:

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 Please contact our preschool director Ms Janey at preschool@ankenydance.com or 515-306-8103 for more information on our fabulous Performing Arts Preschool program.  Check out all of our great programs on the preschool pages of this website ... and don't forget to go to FACEBOOK and *Like* us on our Performing Arts Preschool page there! Spots in the program will fill quickly, so make sure to reserve your spot early!  Discover the difference this one-of-a-kind program can make for your student; and check out our FACEBOOK page for Performing Arts Preschool at Ankeny Dance and Performing Arts Academy by clicking the following link:


Snow Days Policy: We do not automatically follow Ankeny school closings. Please log on to our website at www.ankenydance.com and click on this “Updates and Information” page to see if classes have been canceled.

 We will only post a note on the website if classes are canceled. If there is nothing posted, you are correct in assuming we are having classes. Of course you are always welcome to keep your child at home if you don't feel comfortable driving. If class is canceled due to weather, you may make it up in a similar class level at your convenience.

Dress Code Reminders -- please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for all classes, this includes tights.  Tights are mandatory at our studio unless your child is wearing capri dance pants or in a tumbling class.  Also, as the weather gets cooler please remember only dance sweaters are allowed in classes.  If you purchased one from us or another dance store, that is the right kind.  Hoodies, sweatshirts, street clothes, etc. do not allow for proper ventilation during exercise and cannot be worn in class.  If you have any questions as to whether or not your child's item is an acceptable item to wear in dance class, please see your child's lead teacher before having her wear it.  Thank you!

For the Performing Arts Preschool, we do accept registration year round, if spots are available.  Please let us know if you would like more information!



Students Performing for Christmas Charity Week
Raising Money and Food Donation for The Cupboard

Please remember tuition is due on the 1st of every month. To avoid a late fee, payment must be received on or before the 15th. The black tuition box is conveniently located in the hallway right outside the studio office. Please use checks only in the payment box, no cash. If you are paying cash, please pay a staff member in the front office; if the office isn't open, a student teacher in one of the classrooms can process your payment and give you a cash receipt.

We do allow a full 15-day grace period before you will receive a late fee (meaning if you wait until the 16th your payment would be 15 days late, not one day late as the payment is due on the 1st) but on the 16th all accounts not paid in full will have a late fee automatically added. No exceptions can be made.

If you are new to the area or just to our studio and you're looking for a fun, positive environment for your child to learn to love dance, we would like to welcome you to our family at Ankeny Dance and Performing Arts Academy! There are several ways you can receive information on our classes:

*Fill out the online request form located on the "Contact Us" page of this website

*Call the studio at 964-5048

*Email the studio at ankenydance@msn.com 

*Send us a message on our FACEBOOK page

We hope to see YOU at Ankeny Dance!

If you have any questions about registration or classes, updates to your contact information or any other general questions, please e-mail our Studio Office Coordinator, Marisa Petersen, at ankenydance@msn.com or simply call the studio at 964-5048.

For any questions regarding billing, you may email our Accounts Receivable Manager, Lisa Damman at ankenydanceaccounting@msn.com or call the studio and leave her a message.

Birthday Parties are a BLAST at Ankeny Dance & Performing Arts Academy! Your Birthday Party Coordinator Ms. Shelley goes totally crazy with themed music, decorations, dances, props -- the kids will remember their party forever! Contact the office to book your child's party today!

Did you know Ankeny Dance & Performing Arts Academy offers Vocal Instruction? Private and Semi-Private Lessons are available -- contact the office for more info. We love to sing; a triple threat performer can dance, act, and SING!